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(our going across of traditional materialism for reaching a perspective in which the emotions and feelings sphere is gotten in a new interpretation set and in a new existential horizon). 

The anthropocentrism is a sort of psychic illness from which it is hard to get rid of.
Yet the Earth is an irrelevant entity of the universe and it would be yet more irrelevant
in the perspective of a hypothetical pluri-vers.
How long we think about a planed and created universe by someone "for us" and in which are we in the centre of the Whole?

In the water was born the life and in it were evolved the primitive ancestors of every species, including the homo sapiens.
But the obstinacy of the
religious myths continue to imbue the thought and the conscience of the greatest part of the humanity.
When we'll at last recognize our origins and our nature? And yet our cousins that still today are in the sea live the same reality?

The behaviours of animals often are interpreted analogically in comparison with that of the man ones or viceversa. In that is a arbitrary thought, but also an happy intuition. Actually between we and they it is absolute analogy in the greatest difference. But why the homo sapiens lives a reality so different if its nature is absolutely identical to that of the worm one? 

The cruel laws of the natural selection follow a logic that left aside our expectations and feelings and is assignable to a biological reason proper to the living world. But sense of the justice and of the pity are completely extraneous to the biological reason. Then, the reality of the becoming of the living is the same reality of our to have feelings?
It is just to such kind of questions that we try here to give some answers.



(A philosophy of plural reality)

The essay is published in Italian
by Editrice Clinamen
of Florence
(289 pag .- Euro 23,80)
and is acquirable in bookshops
or directly to site:

First Part
(Introduction to real dualism)


chapter 1
(Some anticipation about the subject)

1.1 Pluralistic hypotesis and dualistic reality
1.2 A hypotesis for the XXII century (The crisis of the belief?)
1.3 Something about the subject and about who writes
1.4 The unknown and the "truth".
1.5 "Street's" philosophy and a little "forest's".
1.6 To intuit the unknowable.
1.7 Some additional consideration.

chapter 2

(The dual reality)

2.1 Starting from the individuality
2.2 A thesis seeking verifications
2.3 Logic argumentation(The irriducibility)
2.4 Ethic argumentation (Sens of justice, etc.)
2.5 Observational-perceptive argumentation

chapter 3
(Specifications ad developments)

3.1 But what is the reality?
3.2 About philosophy or rather extraphysics
3.3 Finality and casualness
3.4 The
law and the case.
3.5 Why atheism?

chapter 4

(The ambiguous "spirit" and its materiality)

4.1 Divinity and religion.

chapter 5
(To be dualistic)

5.1Homo sapiens dualis.
5.2 To be and to exist.
5.3 The good and the evil.
5.4 Transformation and persistence.
5.5 The destiny

chapter 6
(A dualistic living)

6.1 The concept and the reality.
6.2 To spend the today.

6.3 The moira.
6.4 L'eleutheria.
6.5 The irony.

6.6 The game.


The second part (chapters 7 to 13) is available only in Italian

Seconda Parte

(Approfondimenti e sviluppi del dualismo reale).


capitolo 7
(Uno sguardo oltre l'orizzonte esistentivo).

7.1 Dualismo reale e Materialismo.
7.2 Materialitຠrealt࠯ illusione?
7.3 Aiterialitຠillusione o realt࿦lt;BR> 7.4 Il procedimento partitivo.
7.5 Il corpo.
7.6 La mente in una nuova prospettiva.

capitolo 8
(Ispezionando le funzioni mentali).

8.1 La psiche.
8.2 L'intelletto.
8.3 La ragione.
8.4 L'idema.
8.5 La coscienza.
8.6 La memoria.
8.7 La sintesi intellettiva

capitolo 9
(L'ambito aiteriale e sisuoi aspetti antropici).

9.1 Molti caratteri dell'aiteria?
9.2 L'estetica.
9.3 L'etica.
9.4 La gn򲥳i.
9.5 La cair顦lt;/I>.
9.6 La dhianasi.
9.7 Ancora sull'aiterialitবt;BR>

capitolo 10
(Corollari dualistici).

10.1 L'autenticitࠤell'arcanum e la falsitࠤel "sacrum".
10.2 Ancora sulle esperienze idemali.
10.3 Dell'ingenuitবt;/I>, dell'eleuteria e del futuro.
10.4 L'eireneusi.
10.5 Il pensiero e la realtবt;/I>.

capitolo 11
(Aspetti particolari della materia).

11.1 Il problema della malvagitবt;/I>.
11.2 La sfera del paranormale.
11.3 La miracolistica religiosa ed ascetica.

capitolo 12
(Uno sguardo all'uomo e al suo contesto).

12.1 Specie homo sapiens.
12.2 Le risorse della specie.

capitolo 13
(Aspetti particolari del dualismo reale).

13.1 L'avventura dell'esistenza.
13.2 L'esistenza tra piacere e sofferenza.

13.3 Il comico.
13.4 La carica vitale e la nichil졦lt;/I>.
13.5 Il superamento.
13.6 Ancora qualcosa sull'aiteria.



20th of may 2004

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